Uptown Respect

Uptown civil war between NEW New Yorkers and the Original ones. I belong to a community group on facebook, where we post anything related to uptown. Note its a very small community group. On the weekends people go to the park and BBQ which is fine, but many of them don’t clean up after themselves. Leaving the park filthy!

Too much negativity and bashing within our communities. It’s Sad when we share the same neighborhood but different viewpoints. In the end, all we want is respect for our homes and parks. That I can agree with! Although, some will never actually know the true meaning of this word regardless of race and ethnicity… With that being said, I hope you enjoy this view!

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Inwood Hill Park, NYC



The day is Monday, June 06, 2016.

I’m currently livin’ in NYC (which I have been all my life) and I’m actually single for the first time in years.

I’ve forgotten how to be single believe it or not. It was never a problem back when I was in my early 20’s.

As I’ve gotten older I realize it’s nice to share and build moments with your significant other. Ugh! I’m just being a hopeless romantic.

As the sun starts to set, I figured this is my moment!! I need to work on my self-development and build a legacy. Everything else will fall into place eventually! 🙂

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Photo taken at Battery Park, NYC