Hey Guys I’ve been working on a project for many months now out the states. GLAM.BYDEGC is a lash bar in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Those whose know me, know that I love beauty and what’s better than the beauty of a woman’s eyes. Of course I don’t personally put lashes, I have my beautiful internationally licensed Lash Artist Estefania for that. But we can still chat about fashion and trends 🙂

Lashes can make or break the deal. Just imagine a beautiful woman winking at you with beautiful lashes 😏

If you’re ever in Guayaquil, Ecuador stop by the lash spa. It’s conveniently located right next to the international airport (Jose Joaquin De Olmedo GYE).


ÑWelcome to #Guayaquil also known as the Pearl of the Pacific. Winner of 19 #WorldTravelAwards (The Oscars of Tourism) in Ecuador and 5 including in Guayaquil. Come and visit us!

Bienvenido a #Guayaquil, también conocida como la Perla del Pacífico. Ganador de 19 #WorldTravelAwards (Los Oscars del Turismo) en Ecuador y en Guayaquil. Ven a visitarnos!