3 thoughts on “Chimborazo

  1. Wow!
    Love Ecuador, but I didn’t do anything quite as precipitous while I was there! I was on an exploratory white water rafting trip, so it was still quite a challenge – and then to the wonderful, beautiful Galapagos Islands. I was beside myself with grief when I left the Galapagos!

      • Oh do go, it is simply one of the most beautiful places on earth! I swam with sea lions and even small sharks (SLIGHTLY scary!) every day. None of the birds or animals have any fear of humans.

        I recommend booking independently rather than going with a tour company, it is much better value. I went on a tiny ‘economy’ boat, which was ‘cosy’ but friendly, and the beauty of it was that we could get into small bays that were not accessible for the larger boats.

        Had I been on a larger boat, our captain probably wouldn’t have caught fresh fish every day for dinner and I wouldn’t have been able to sit on the back of the boat with my feet dangling in the water and experiencing a sea lion playfully nipping all my toes as he swam past!

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