Summer #Staycations


For many, staycations are an option. But at times, staycations are a mandatory part of your work life. At first sure it was hard, but if you love or have a passion for something then nothing can stop you!

File Aug 18, 11 16 29 AM

Working in the Garment District in NYC has its perks depending on what you do. But for myself, I take on two jobs. One, as an assistant/partner to an elite pattern maker and the other working in production (quality check). Don’t get me wrong I love my jobs, but one of the minor setbacks is not having the availability to fly out. On my free time, I love to photograph just about anything the concrete jungle has to offer and convert that to art through my lens.

Verizon helps me with ALL my staycations. Here’s how,
I love to do overnight trips (close to the city limits) if not picnicking in Central Park or Inwood, among my favorite parks to be in. My Samsung Edge 7 along with the mobile hotspot are an amazing collaboration. Service and speed are what I love.

File Aug 18, 9 20 14 PM
For those overnight trips, my handy backup battery has enough juice for 2 days. Recently I went on an overnight camping trip near Woodstock, NY. I didn’t have to worry about reception. My camping partner and I were both connected some 10 miles away from the nearest town with full reception. Also, the GPS feature became very helpful as we hiked. We streamed music and roasted marshmallows watching the sun hide away in the mountains peak. When I do stay home, I love to stream music and edit my photography through my cloud storage.



Thank you Verizon for always keeping me connected and up to-date!


Disclosure: As a member of a pretty cool team of influencers, I received accessories from Verizon. No additional compensation was provided nor did I promise a positive review. All opinions are my own!

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