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It’s May and that means Spring is in full effect. Baseball season is a go, and the NBA are in their playoff games! But not everything is a smooth ride. With the devastations of the two earthquakes in April (Japan, Ecuador) Verizon is helping out with offering free calls to landlines only so you can communicate with your loved ones.

Recently I just finished moving at work, from one office to another. I can say it’s been pretty much a headache. But planning ahead before the big move made everything smoother. Moving from Chelsea to the Garment District, the first thing I checked was if I had enough strong and sturdy boxes. Countless rolls of tape, 27-gallon container bins and a few days of planning ease’s the move. Also, having enough manpower for the move. Are you moving on your own or with professionals?  Here’s a link incase you want to read it more in depth.

Last but not least I wanted to say Happy Mother Days to all the mothers out there! Special shout out to the mothers who have to play two roles to their kids.



Disclosure: I am part of a very cool team of influencers sharing experiences about Verizon FiOS services and received a promotional fee. All opinions, as usual are my own.


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