10 thoughts on “My many Hats (literally)

  1. I like the skully – it perfectly frames your face without deterring from your features. 🙂 Thanks so much for following my blog, BeingZora! Please continue to follow me, like me, or just ogle the photos at http://www.thezorafiles.com. I promise to do the same at your site!I totally appreciate you stopping by and leaving comments over all this time! Even if you’re just stopping by, checking out the photos, leaving a “like” and moving on, I really appreciate it and don’t want to lose you as I move and rename my site. Thanks! In dreams, ZoraB.

  2. Hey, Thanks for liking my post Aries; With great power… You hats are awesome by the way. I got a few myself. I have a home hat, out hat, cold hat, warm hat, geek hat, gaming hat lol too many 🙂 people think I have no hair lol that’s why I always wear a hat. I got lots of hair lol.

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