6 thoughts on “Never Forget

  1. I was in the Bronx driving to work…traffic was slow, but everyone seemed like they were in shock. I didn’t even know what happened until I got to work. My coworker had a daughter who worked in the towers, and she couldn’t reach her at first. Ironically the daughter was late that day. She was in the lobby when the towers crashed. She made it out, thankfully. Her coworkers, innocent souls they were…may they rest in peace.

    My daughter had just started the 3rd grade at the St Augustine School, and really hit it off with her new teacher. This lady lost her sister that day. She took a hiatus from work, and we never saw her again. I hope where ever she is today, she is blessed, and her sister’s memory never forgotten.

    I will never forget.

  2. We were the same age. I was in school (in New Jersey) walking into my biology class and I saw the smoke coming out of the first tower on the TV screen in class. At that time we thought it was just some horrific accident.

  3. To answer your question: I was working in an office in California. One of the guys who worked for me, his Mom worked in the WTC and was flying that morning from Pennsylvania back to her office. His father worked a half mile from the Pentagon. He was more than kinda freaked. The two other Europeans who worked there were less freaked as we’d grown up with the terrorism of the IRA, ETA, the Lockerbie bomb, et al. The truth is, you get inured to it eventually.

  4. I’ve been to the site 3 times: one year or so after was the first time. I was reminded of my experience at the Vietnam Memorial on the National Mall–no noise just a sober cloud of reality. The second time, things had been cleaned up a bit but still large holes…the third time was last Spring. I stood for a long time at the pool in the footprint of the towers. My heart was broken and yet, felt the ability to pray.

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