A little bit of everything 

Hey guys it’s been a while since I posted. 

I’ve been concentrating in starting a 3 piece collection. Why only 3 pieces? Why not?! 

So be on the lookout in the upcoming months! 

This post will have a little bit of everything. 

I hope you enjoy it! 

I call this The Highline To Myself


Menswear OOTD Gritty

Brushed cotton 3/4 length topcoat

For those days you’d rather walk a few miles   

Arte Del Highline 


Good Night


5 thoughts on “A little bit of everything 

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  2. I love what Manhattan did with the New York Central’s Highline. I liked the trains better, but life’s about changing nothing ever stays the same. I’m glad I got into New York on the LAKE SHORE LIMITED at Grand Central Terminal. Penn Station at the Garden isn’t the same. Great pictures.

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