This post is dedicated to my childhood hero Robin Williams.. Though we actually never met you always made everyone laugh hysterically, cry, and feel good about ourselves. Your inner light will always surround us and future generations Thank you!!





11 thoughts on “LIFE

  1. It felt like a family member had passed when I heard the news. Its still unbelievable.

    As a sufferer of depression it has put me into some deep thought lately.

    I hope his pain is gone and washed away and that the memories of his smile and personality live on forever with those who looked up to him, and cared about him.

  2. I haven’t logged in for a bit, or I would’ve seen this sooner. Dead Poet’s Society is one of my fave movies. I loved Robin Williams. I never met him, but I met someone who knew him. And even if I hadn’t met her, I still would’ve felt the great loss. This is a beautiful tribute.

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