Hey guys! I hope most of you are keeping warm and dry (Polar Vortex). This OOTD is featured by BrooksBrothers and of course one of my favorite classic styles, the Ivy style.

Blazer – BrooksBrothers

Shirt – BrooksBrothers

Khakis – BrooksBrothers

Shoes – BrooksBrothersDSC_0249-2DSC_0197

P.S Don’t forget to layer up!

21 thoughts on “IVY

  1. Loving the blazer with the striking gold stud buttons. Must also comment on the neck tie. I guess I should inform you that I am a lover of fashion but not a slave to it. Just thought I’d let you know now because I see I’m gonna be commenting a lot about your style. A large part of my blog consist of clothing sets that put together on Polyvore. I don’t do men… Because the selection is so limited. Nice chatting with you. And you stay bundled up Geek. 🙂

  2. I guess BB is ok when you later but I find their clothes to be too big and tent like , unless they have newer slim fits out now .. You’ve obviously done a splendid job .. How do you like their shoes ? Compared to the ‘gamos and the church’s or others

    • Thanks for the compliment! well yes now they have a new slim line but I still get my clothes tailored for that perfect glove fit. Their shoes are pretty comfortable and if you wait for the right time you can get a pretty good deal.. The ones in the picture cost around $1100 retail but paid only $300 on clearance!

      • That makes sense you had em tailored cuz there was no way bb made it that slim ! ( you obv are in great shape unlike the majority of Americans !) good call on those shoes at that price point !

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