Thanks to November

Hey, Everyone!

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving Holiday with your close friends and family. This will be my final FiOS campaign post. With that being said I had an amazing opportunity to learn about Fiber optics and the advantages.

What I’ve learned from FiOS is that it’s a completely different connection from Satellites or cable. Sometimes we fear the change of trying something new. When it comes to FiOS service think of it as an upgrade for yourself and your families lifestyle. One feature I love is Mobile TV. it’s available for all your Mobile devices. Sometimes kids and adults need some TV time, whether that’s with the family or alone you can get a really great service with our strong 100/100 Mbps. When you’re “Home” using the FiOS Mobile app you’ll have access to all your channels just like on your TV set.

Already a FiOS client? Have you signed up for Verizon My Rewards

The rewards you receive can range from On Demand movies, Visa® prepaid cards, gift cards, sweepstakes entries and even charitable donations. But the best part? You decide on  what to get! If you love binge-watching, you’ll love redeeming your My Rewards+ points for On Demand titles.

Since the switch I cannot seem to stop bragging about the internet speed, I can easily upload gigs of video without any hesitation, to having the clearest online conversations with my peers. FiOS has completely changed the ballgame for me, Fast 100 Mbps Downloads/100 Mbps Uploads mean I can spend more time outside! If you love quality and service FiOS is perfect for you! Call 888-781-5510  or chat with them now.


Don’t forget to join the #FIOSNY team on November 28 Monday 9:00pm ET as we talk about Gift Buying in the Internet Age!


Disclosure: I am part of a very cool team of influencers sharing experiences about Verizon FiOS services and received a promotional fee. All opinions as usual, are my own.



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