My Recent Experience 

Hey All!

I wanted to tell everyone about a recent experience with a new client and how Verizon’s service played a huge role. Since I’m considered a creative in the business world, for my creative juices to start flowing I needed to be actively outside to find inspiration.


Let’s face it, when we usually pitch for a client or to investors it’s usually behind closed doors. With America’s Best Network, I’m confident enough to take my business outdoors. We streamed a few videos and downloaded content using my Edge 7 Hotspot to my iPad. The average speeds of DL were 48 Mbps and UL of 22mbps.

Before having our meeting, we had a quick picnic in Central Park. Witnessing Foliage is something that words can’t explain. My Edge 7 made sure to capture the moment, even with low lighting the phone knew exactly how to adapt accordingly.


My meeting lasted a good hour and a half because of the beautiful views, and the great knowledge we were sharing with one another. I explained to her the benefits of NFC. Something many people don’t take advantage of yet.


The Edge 7’s NFC ( Near Field Communication) chip came in handy when I left my credit card at home. All I had to do was press a button and bam! My account got charged like any other transaction. This may sound dangerous to some but it provides a safer environment than your physical wallet. Customers can check out at a store, purchase and load concert tickets to their smartphones, board the subway, read information from a smart poster, and many other tasks all from a single device.

Wishing everyone a great and safe Halloween!!


Disclosure: As a member of a pretty cool team of influencers, I received accessories from Verizon. No additional compensation was provided nor did I promise a positive review. All opinions are my own!

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