Tips for Keeping Your Small NYC Apartment Liveable


Living in a tiny apartment can be hard. In many cases, you’ll find yourself struggling with the small space. A constant feeling of clutter and claustrophobia can make any living space unpleasant! By utilizing a few simple strategies, however, you can make your small NYC apartment more livable and potentially even fall in love with it all over again.


Learn to Purge

It doesn’t take long to collect clutter. You lose something small, buy another to replace it, and then find the original. Gifts from well-meaning friends and relatives take up space that you don’t really have to waste, even though you don’t really love them. Impulse purchases fill up your closets and drawers. Instead of letting those things take over, get in the habit of purging regularly. This is especially important around holidays and birthdays when you’re more likely to come home with clutter.


Cut Down the Stuff with Digital Options


For many people, books, movies, and CDs take up a huge amount of physical space. When you’re already short on space, why not convert those items to digital options, instead? While there’s something satisfying about holding the physical object in your hand, it also leads to an increase in the clutter throughout your home. Instead of letting the clutter take over, try using digital books on e-readers, digital movies, and digital music files. Your entire media library can be contained on one device!

Screenshot 2016-09-26 17.20.57.pngUse Handy for Home Cleaning      


Hiring a professional cleaning service can make it much easier to live in your small space. You might struggle to keep up with daily cleaning tasks, but knowing that you have a professional cleaner coming will make it easier and less stressful to live with. By hiring a professional cleaning service like Handy for home cleaning, you’ll discover that your apartment stays cleaner–and that means you’ll be better able to manage your day-to-day living.


Make the Most of Your Space

You can’t control the size of your apartment, but you can control what you do with it. Look for space-saving options and make the most of every available inch of storage. Use the area under your bed, utilize all the available space in your closets, and use space saving storage solutions in your closets. Storage space is there; you just have to find it!

Popular Services

Screenshot 2016-09-26 17.48.53.png

Living in a small apartment can be a challenge. Thankfully, you’re up to it. As you learn to let go of clutter, let Handy for Home Cleaners come in and help with your regular cleaning tasks to help reduce stress and make your apartment a more pleasant place to live.screenshot-2016-09-26-17-21-13

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