September Chills


Hey Everyone

I hope you all enjoyed your summer vacations. For some reason, it felt like June was just last month. Since it’s already Mid-September you know that means series premiers! I have a hunch that this year there will be more a lot more interesting shows than there was last year. I know many of you are relieved that your kids are off to school too. Believe me, I have a nephew who’s only 6!

Screenshot 2016-09-14 14.32.40.png

Make sure your FiOS DVR boxes have enough space for the new shows premiering. One of the many shows that I’m intrigued to watch is Lethal Weapon, The Exorcist, and Marvel’s Luke Cage. Each of a different genre. I’m attracted to the old school brand with a new twist to it. Another show I’m watching today  Wednesday the 14th is the new season of American Horror Story! Did I also mention I was watching the new season of The Profit. A business reality-show that can benefit anyone who’s interested in marketing and branding. Marcus Lamonis goes around the U.S saving companies and jobs for the everyday people. Which shows are you going to watch this season?

Having 100mbps DL /100mbps UP sounds nice right? The meaning of download is how fast we retrieve data from the internet, while upload means how our devices are allowed to upload data. So why do we settle for speeds of 100/20 – 50/10? Broadband speeds are measured in “megabits per second” Bits are tiny units of data, with a megabit representing a million of them. With FiOS Triple Play for only $69.99, this includes the 100/100 internet, custom TV + Phone service. Look at it as a small investment for you and your close ones.


On Thursday, September 15  we will have our monthly FiOS chat on twitter.  We Will discuss Fall TV shows along with a chance to win cool prizes at the end of every chat. DON’T FORGET TO RSVP! Hope to see you there!


Disclosure: I am part of a very cool team of influencers sharing experiences about Verizon FiOS services and received a promotional fee. All opinions, are my own.

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