Hi Everyone!
It’s Mid-October (maybe a bit passed that) I hope everyone is having a blast drinking some fancy pumpkin latte or pumpkin ale beer!

I hope everyone is enjoying the new season premieres (Grandfathered, Limitless, Minority Report) Along with the continuing seasons of Shark Tank, Project Runway, and Gotham the shows I ‘am currently into. Growing older makes you miss the moments as a child, when viewing a TV show with your family actually meant something and brought everyone together.

I recall being 9 years old; it must have been the year 1994 – 1995. I remember sitting in the living room with my family watching America’s Home Funniest Videos and Bob Saget hosting it. It might not sound like much but for my whole family to actually sit around the TV and laugh our asses off, it was priceless! Do you have any family stories as a kid that you remember spending some quality time around the TV?

Now with FiOS DVR you can record up to 12 shows on 10 TV’s at once, so spending family time and viewing your favorite shows are only a click away.


Disclosure: I am part of a very cool team of influencers sharing experiences about Verizon FiOS services and received a promotional fee. All opinions, as usual are my own.

P.S. Lets go NY!!

5 thoughts on “October!!!

  1. I’m much older but we had “Laugh In” and earlier, the Gary Moore show”, a variety show. I remember “The Twilight Zone”, too and that was awesome. My son got me into watching shows with him, too, when we had a TV. I often had a TV free house so we’d play board games and read to each other instead.

    • Just old enough to remember Laugh In, but it was like today movie cartoons that kids can enjoy and there are parts that go over their head and only the adults get. It was one the whole family watch; that and first the Dick van Dyke Show then the Mary Tyler Moore Show. And of course Laugh In was Goldie Hawn’s first stepping stone.

  2. Now that the nostalgia has kicked in, I remember the time when Peter Brady got the job at the pizza place at the end of the show and my parents were “hey let’s get a pizza” – which back then for my brother and me was a super big treat.

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