I Made The Switch.. #FiOSNY

For anyone who knows me well, they know I love everything fast and on demand! Specially when it comes to internet speeds. While renting a room in NYC, you tend to share internet connections with everyone in your apartment. My roommates range from a Video Editor to Fashion Production Managers and also a Social Media Marketers. Now count all of our computers, tablets, phones and smart tv’s connected and when having our guests we often share our connections.. right?

Of course I would notice the smallest details, when using a cable connection. The slowest time are always around 6pm on a Friday evening through early Monday morning. Thats why I switched to FiOS!! Installation was a breeze! The tech guys called me 30 minutes prior to the installation which was really convenient because I didn’t have to be at home. After they left I officially knew I upgraded a part of me. Online I had FiOS Quantum with speeds of 100/100 MPS ( I love speed), and my TV quality is pure HD.

Since the switch I cannot seem to stop bragging about the internet speed, I can easily upload gigs of video without any hesitation, to having the clearest online conversations with my peers. FiOS has completely changed the ball game for me, Fast Downloads/Uploads mean I can spend more time outside! If you love quality and service FiOS is perfect for you! Call 888-781-5510  or chat with them now.



Disclosure: I am part of a very cool team of influencers sharing experiences about Verizon FiOS services and received a promotional fee. All opinions, as usual are my own.

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