Hey Everyone!

I hope all is well, I’ve received thank you emails from various people wanting to donate. I also received quiet a few emails during the past weeks regarding why I display my photography or “art” for free on WordPress.

My answer to that is.. I strongly believe in free “art”. If I can challenge your perception based on only looking at my photos, then I have done my job as a human. I don’t feel I should charge for the way I express my emotions through photography. Although I do have certain prints that are far more exclusive for that certain clientele.

With that being said, if you feel you want/need to donate please by all means do, it would be my pleasure. I’am a verified PayPal user. If you just want to browse through my pictures/blog for inspiration please go ahead. All I want to give out is love and positive energy to a cluttered world.


Donate Button with Credit Cards

In my dream world, I would love for humans to co-exist with nature. In a way that we do not harm or pollute it.


DSC_0030 DSC_0061

3 thoughts on “Donation..?!

  1. Love your intention and your last statement…in addition to your photos. I work every day to transform this world into its true nature of honor and light. Thanks for all you do.

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